Best Home Inspectors in Michigan

Are you looking for the best home inspectors in Michigan? Well, here you go! If you have someone you would like to recommend please feel free to do so. You can reach us at our Contact Us page to recommend a home inspector. Now, the reason we are recommending these home inspectors is that they have serviced our clients over the years and the clients have been ecstatic about them. We know you will be too! We’re going to go into a little bit of detail why, and you can choose who you like for yourself. Let’s start with Art Crosby.

Out of all the home inspectors we have used in the past 17 years, Art Crosby at pillar-to-post, has made the customers the happiest thus far. One of the reasons is because of his in-depth knowledge of homes and how to inspect them. The second reason people really love his inspections is the reports and the formats in the reports. He has tons of photos that show what’s going on and recommendations. The last reason and probably the best reason people love his home inspections is because he’s just a flat-out great guy! He is honest. He tells you the real facts about what is wrong with the home and even provides possible quotes on fixing them. Possible drawback: all this great quality and personality comes at a price. Art commands a premium price for a premium service. Money well spent for one of the Best Home Inspectors in Michigan.

Art CrosbyBest Home Inspectors in Michigan



Art provides professional home inspection services for:
Livingston, Macomb, Wayne, and parts of Oakland County.

32738 Kathleen Dr                                                        
ChesterfieldMI 48047

 Glenn Davis
We will call him the oldie but goodie!  LOL. Don’t tell him I said that! Glenn has in-depth knowledge of buildings and homes from his extensive construction background. He has been a top inspector for many years. He has developed a super critical eye when it comes to inspecting properties. This is great when you need to know if and what is going on with the home you may be purchasing. One drawback to Glenn is that he is old school. His reports do not have photos. But you do get a better price from the premium that other inspectors charge. You will know exactly what’s going on with the home for a good price. At least this has been the experience of our customers with one of the Best Home Inspectors in Michigan!

Glenn provides professional home inspection services for:
Livingston, Macomb, and Oakland County

Detroit Metroplex Inspections

Builder & Inspector

3961 Chablis                                                          

West Bloomfield, MI 48323                                     

Licensed Builder #2101119284

Building Inspector #004850

 (313) 942-9797

Russ Ragone

Russ is what I will call the baby of the bunch. Not because he is so young or small, but because we have only been using him for a short period of time. In this short period of time, he has wowed our customers by coming out multiple times, without extra charge when there was a need. He has a great personality and really knows his stuff. He does thorough examinations of furnaces as well as air conditioning units that impress not only the clients but also me. And I don’t really get that impressed with home inspections! His prices are moderate, probably a little less than pillar-to-post and a little more than Metroplex, so if you’re looking for a good job you can’t go wrong with any of them. At least that’s what our raving fan club is saying about one of the Best Home Inspectors in Michigan.

Russ provides professional home inspection services for:
Livingston, Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland County

R Squared Property Inspections

(248) 218-1980

All three, as well as most home inspectors, will usually do the report. Art will give you a copy right on the spot of your home inspection and the others will normally email them to you within a day or two.

Final thought about the best home inspectors in Michigan. If you want to get even better service from the best, make sure you name drop. Let them know that you were referred by Shawn Calhoun and Christina Calhoun from the Calhoun team of Pretty Home Realty!
We have no affiliations with these companies by the way. So feel the excitement of knowing that we enjoy working with the best!