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Some people don’t really pay attention to the landlord history before they move in. Unfortunately they take the risk of having a good or decent landlord or a bad one altogether. A few reasons why. Either they never thought about it or they wish they could investigate, but don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry let the Calhoun Team Realty give you some tips about finding a good landlord.


That’s right, screen them! Since the tenant has to be screened by the landlord to see if they have been naughty or nice, you can do the same to the landlord. What’s their history? Was he/she a good landlord in the past? You need to screen them to find out.


This goes in harmony with screening. While screening, look for facts about them, good and bad. How long have they been a landlord? How many lawsuits have they been in? Look for their history of their proprieties, are they well maintained? Ask other tenants and neighbors on their views about the landlord. You want to make sure that you have a good landlord for it will be better for you in the long run.


This is a case for a good landlord gone bad. Make an agreement that if he violates the contract of being a landlord, then you have the right to move out or get another place due to their violation. Landlords must agree to this.  You shouldn’t go through bad management if you’re being a good tenant.

So don’t.

Cover yourself by making a contract that both sides can agree on, and if the landlord can’t keep up with his side of the bargain, then you have a legal way out.

(By the way, if the landlord is uneasy about agreeing with the contract then it’s a sign that he is either not a good landlord or are not confident on doing their part)

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