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Are you looking for a home condo or apartment that is handicap accessible? We can help! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call from the number at the top of the page. It may just be an idea that came up in your mind. Or it may be that you are absolutely ready to find your next place. Or maybe you need a good contractor to renovate your home to make it handicapped accessible. If any of these are why you are here, you are in the right place!

Okay, first and foremost if you are looking for handicap accessible apartments condos and homes in Oakland County including Royal Oak apartments, Troy, Auburn Hills, Southfield, Birmingham and any other surrounding areas, simply give us a call, send us a text or email & I will give it to you!


I wrote this article because I spoke to a lovely lady today named Louise. She was looking at handicap accessible apartment style condos in Royal Oak  She is facing a similar dilemma. I want to take a moment to give her a round of applause for reaching out & taking action today! I truly hope this helps you if you are facing accessibility challenges.


should I move or should I do handicap accessibility renovations to my current home?”

So here is the big question, “should I move or should I do handicap accessibility renovations to my current home”? Even though I am NOT a baby boomer, I too faced this question. Some years ago, I was a caregiver for a few years and I understand the needs of accessibility.


Number one: getting in and out of the home with a wheelchair & or without steps is important. If you have steps, what will be the cost to put in a wheelchair ramp? Also, do I have the space to have a ramp installed?  Where will we install it? Front, side, backdoor? Will it be practical? If the answer is “no, I don’t have the space”,  or “it’s not practical nor do I have the funds” you may want to look at getting a place that is already handicap accessible with elevators and amenities that will make life so much easier. Trust me! I used to install a aluminum portable wheelchair ramp every time we left & returned home. I would often wish we would stay out longer because of having to install and uninstall is temporary wheelchair ramp. The thought of going home & leaving caused stress.

 space Handicap Accessible

 Do we have the Time, Space and Money for Handicap Access Renovations?

The next thing to consider is going to be “how much interior space does my home currently have?”  For example the bathroom- Is there space to add  handicap access? Will my loved one be able to get into their chair or be put into their chair or get to the restroom easily and without obstruction? Sometimes bathtubs have to be removed and showers with grab bars installed. This is not cheap!. Ask yourself, do I actually want to go through the construction process which creates a lot of dust and possible respiratory problems when I open up bathroom walls, etc? Sometimes moisture can be trapped in and under the walls and flooring. Ask me how I know :-). Ugh… So to put it short, there will be many changes needed to the home which will have many costs. If the space is there and you have the funds & time, this may be a good choice. Only you can truly be the judge!


 Handicap Accessible Home Renovation Contractors  in Oakland County, Macomb County & Wayne County

Newer apartments, homes and condos are normally built more handicap accessible, which can be great. It is instant & has no dusty down time. Another key factor that many people overlook is the contractor doing the work. You absolutely must have a contractor that does excellent work and is honest. Believe it or not, that is hard to find. Another key is, most carpenters that are honest and do excellent work are in high demand so it may take some time to get on schedule. Also, there’s normally a premium for better contractors. That’s right: they know they are good so they charge a bit more. But it is normally worth it. You normally get what you pay for.


I know a lot about contractors because I renovate and manage property. We would be happy to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us. I am going to let you in on some of my best contractors that work for me in the Oakland County area!


Okay, so here is my number one choice for rough carpenters. A rough carpenter specializes in the framing of residential &/or commercial property.


Ian Walter of Havana Construction (586)362-0098


Next, for complete carpentry craftsmanship, I often call on Shannon Tidwell (313) 350-5860


I have used both of these contractors. They have done excellent work for me. My family, as well as, many clients/friends of ours have also given rave reviews.


When I have a really large job, I call Eric Tidwell (313) 363-9673


(Yep, Eric is Shannon’s big brother) Eric is an elite builder! There is a premium on Eric. His work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I definitely got what I paid for!


I have given you some things to think about. Now… what do I need to do next you may wonder? Take the Benjamin Franklin “pro con list” approach. That’s right, make a Renovate  & make a Move pro & con list on a sheet of paper. Your best decision will become much clearer.


Renovation or Move List

Renovation or Move List

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Have you got your list together? Great! Reach out to us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you get a new home or renovate your current place. Remember, we are happy to help you accomplish your real estate goals!

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