How to Be A Good Tenant

How to Be a Good Tenant










Are you looking for a home to rent, but nervous about being under a bad landlord? Call the Calhoun Team Realty today (248) 905-1402, and not only will we find the place you desire at a reasonable amount, but also manage it the right way, and as Property Management, will do our best to help good tenants. Let’s say you found a nice place to live and you found a good landlord. You may ask, how can I stay on my landlord’s good side? Let the Calhoun Team Realty help you out with this one.


Read your lease. (Seriously) I know it can be a drag, but you don’t want to sign something you without knowing all the facts. Conflicts in the future can truly be avoided if you and your landlord can legally see eye to eye. If you truly don’t like reading it, ask someone you trust to help you with it. For this is important.

Your Way vs the Landlord’s Way

This goes hand to hand with the Reading the lease part. For example, you painted the walls, change the appliances, and basically transform the place. Which is nice and dandy and all, but would the landlord approve it? Let’s say they didn’t and he told you violated your lease by doing the things that is clearly said on the list “DON’T” or “DO NOT” on page 4 on your Leasing Agreement that you have signed without actually reading it. To avoid this, read the lease or at least have it documented where you and the landlord both agreed on you changing things around. Do not rely on a verbal agreement because landlords can make a mistake and “forget” in the future.


Let your landlord know in writing that you need some maintenance on the property, and you can check up on him by calling him. For landlords (good ones anyway) are bound to help you with maintenance on the property, but if the issue is really minor like changing a light bulb or something you really don’t have to pay someone to do, unless your 99 years old or you physically are not able to do it, don’t bug the landlord about it.

Be a Good Neighbor

Treat your neighbors like you want to be treated. No landlord likes to mediate an argument among tenants. If you have a problem with a neighbor, be the bigger person and try to handle it calmly. This will build a good relationship with your neighbors and help keep the landlord at ease when they know the tenants are getting along.

Take Care of It

Keep the place nice and kept up; if you have pets make sure you clean up after them. Not only will this show the landlord that you are a good example of a respectful tenant, but also you will no doubt have a good reference from your landlord.

“Perfect” Timing

Like everything else, you want to pay your dues on time. Most leases have it arranged where you will be charged a late fee after 3-5 days past the due date. This is called the grace period. You want to try your best to avoid this and pay your rent on time. For those who abuse the grace period and may not ever pay a late fee, it can come back and bite them when they need a reference because their previous landlord can easily say “he/she doesn’t pay their monthly rent on time.”

Want more tips? Call the Calhoun Team Realty today (248) 905-1402 and we will guide you to success by making things easier to live in your new home. Also, don’t forget we do Property Management as well, so don’t hesitate if you’re looking for the best property management in Michigan!

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