How to vent a dryer without outside access

The question came up : How to vent a dryer without outside access? We have a some clients buying their first home/condo this week. This happens to be a moderately large Southfield MI condo built in the 70’s.

The solution? Dundas Jafine TDIDVKZW ProFlex Indoor Dryer Vent Kit with 4-Inch by 5-Foot ProFlex Duct.

I Michigan the air can get dry when during the winter when heating our homes with forced air.   We normally add a humidifier to the furnace to make it more comfortable. I noticed that when venting our dryer using this simple device it created humidity in the home. This can be good or bad depending on the season. In the summer, the a/c seemed to pull the humidity back out. In the winter, it was fine. That was the only thing we seemed to notice. It seemed to work great!

I hope this information helps you figure out how to vent a dryer without outside access!!!