How Do I Make My Home More Attractive

How Do I Make My Home More Attractive









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Compete for the Best Price

To start, you must do the research on how much the other properties cost that’s in your neighborhood. (Try giving a shot) You never know what the outcome can be!

I have a question for you. Do you need to sell your property, or would you like to sell your property? When you answer that question and estimate your time frame you will have a better approach when you start to negotiate.

 Making Your Home’s Curb Appeal Better

Let’s play a quick game called I’m A Buyer. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Get in your car.

  2. Drive around the neighborhood and imagine you’re a person that’s looking for a new home.

  3. Pull up to your house.

  4. Give your home an UNBIASED review.

To help you out, try asking yourself this:

Does my driveway look good?

How does my yard look?

Is it well maintained?

How does my front porch look?

Doing this will help you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you would like, you can ask someone else to do this for you or with you. Either way you want to know as much as you can, so you can make the right adjustments to your property.

Don’t Over Do it (interior)

You have the walls decorative or painted the way you wanted, but guess what? The buyer may dislike your design and might be turned off on buying the house. Not only do you get criticized for your design, but also lose a potential buyer.

Here’s the key to avoid situations like that. Keep it simple. It’s crazy but less is better. Think about it, if a buyer comes to your home and the house is freshly painted (white is the ideal color) you let the buyer use their imagination on what they want to do to the house when they move in.

Take Care of it

Any electrical issues, plumbing issues, stains on the floor, etc, please take care of these things quickly! You’re going to end up fixing them when you get to the closing stage, so you might as well fix them now. Keep in mind, doing this will make your home more appealing to potential buyers! Trust me doing this at the last minute is a bad idea.

The Stage!

During the staging period, you may want to hire a professional because their job is to focus the best parts of your home. They may charge you a few hundred dollars, but they may increase your sell price by $2,000-$5,000. You can’t go wrong with that. Just to include, you may have a real estate agent get involved with your staging. Let’s not forget, real estate agents have the same desire on selling your home too! (Want the best real estate agents that are pros on staging? Give the Calhoun Team Realty a call (248) 905-1402)!

The Online Market

In today’s society, people rely on the internet if they want to buy something because it’s easy and quick, so why not take advantage of the internet and upload your home yourself? Doing so will make things quicker in the long run.

(Don’t forget we upload houses daily. Check our listings HERE to see how our listings are different from other real estate sites and give us call (248) 905 1402, so we can get started on your home as quickly as possible)

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