How to Price my House For Sale in Huntington Woods

Have you decided to sell your house here in Huntington Woods Michigan? Or, perhaps you are thinking of selling your house and you want to find out: How to price my house for sale in Huntington Woods?  Pricing is so critical that, if you get this one thing wrong, it will virtually “guarantee” that you end up not selling your home at all, or that you end up selling your home for much less than it is actually worth. Who wants that?  Incorrect pricing will also put one on the path of a much longer time on the market – aka “days on market” (real estate lingo). That alone can cost you thousands of dollars in extra mortgage payments, property taxes and other holding costs like homeowners insurance, utilities, home repairs, etc!


I know these are bold statements. I do not want this to happen to you. We personally tour each MLS listed & known pocket listed homes in Huntington Woods. We analyze these homes in our market to better serve our seller clients. To show you how to price your home correctly & see what happened to those who did not, I have recorded a Huntington Woods Home Pricing Video Case Study.  Enjoy!



Please pay close attention and take notes, if possible.  Here I will guide you with tips on the very best practices we use in our business.  We use proven pricing systems that consistently get the best results for our clients.  I will also show you a few pricing traps to avoid. These pricing traps, or errors, are made by most home sellers & average agents alike. They are so common that when I was a rookie, even I, unknowingly fell into them!


Price it well & it will Sell!   Get Accurate Data! – Shawn Calhoun


Price is the first of what I call “The Four P’s of Home Selling Success


Use “sold” data from the multiple listing service, also known as the MLS, when pricing your home for sale in Huntington Woods.  Appraisers, Realtors, Brokers, Banks & Mortgage Lenders alike go to the MLS for “sold” data.  They all rely on this one source to accurately estimate the value of homes.


The reason is simple.  When homes are listed for sale, selling prices adjusted up or down, & sold; the photos and other information are all recorded and timestamped in the MLS. When your neighbor’s home went pending or came back on the market, that information was also recorded in the MLS.  Data is also recorded when homes listed for sale in Huntington Woods expire, are conditionally withdrawn, & even when they are unconditionally withdrawn from the market.  The data originates from public records & licenced real estate agents.  If the information is not updated & accurate the agents can be fined.  It is not perfect, but the MLS is the most accurate place to get “sold” data from when pricing your home for sale in Huntington Woods. You can become an expert on the data or have a local expert guide you through the most current data. Click here for a FREE List of “sold” homes near you in Huntington Woods.


Avoid the Pricing Trap


Don’t overprice your home. Have you ever heard of the Devalue principle? Just imagine you are a home buyer in Huntington Woods Michigan.  As studies show, over 90% of home buyers look for homes on the internet first.  Over 80% of home buyers work with a licenced real estate agent. You are no different. You see 14 homes for sale in Huntington Woods. One has been on the market for 148 days! Others 2 – 7 days. What are you thinking about the one that has been on the market for 148 days?  “What is wrong with it?”  You automatically scratch this home off the list. You move on without a second thought.  You call your agent to go see & ultimately, buy another home.


Let’s say you don’t find one that day.  You are still looking for homes daily.  You notice that the stale, 150 days on market home drops the price by $20,000.  “This is the price it should’ve been the first place”, you mutter. You look at it & you think, “This home has been on the market for a long time. They are probably desperate. If we like it, we will make a lowball offer. If they take it, fine, if not, fine.”  This illustrates the Devalue principle.  I generally do not recommend this as your best strategy.  Overpricing or underpricing leaves money on the table.  For more on pricing your home, download my free ebook: Guide to Home Pricing.

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