How to price my home for sale in Huntington Woods

How to price my home for sale in Huntington Woods


You may be trying to find out how to price my home for sale in Huntington Woods. Pricing your home correctly is one of the starting points of selling your home. Incorrect pricing results in a loss of money & time. Here I will illustrate incorrect pricing. I will teach you to do the opposite… price it correct & get multiple offers!


The “there must be something wrong with him” Guy

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Handicap Accessible

Handicap Accessible

Handicap Accessible


Are you looking for a home condo or apartment that is handicap accessible? We can help! Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call from the number at the top of the page. It may just be an idea that came up in your mind. Or it may be that you are absolutely ready to find your next place. Or maybe you need a good contractor to renovate your home to make it handicapped accessible. If any of these are why you are here, you are in the right place!

Okay, first and foremost if you are looking for handicap accessible apartments condos and homes in Oakland County including Royal Oak apartments, Troy, Auburn Hills, Southfield, Birmingham and any other surrounding areas, simply give us a call, send us a text or email & I will give it to you!


I wrote this article because I spoke to a lovely lady today named Louise. She was looking at handicap accessible apartment style condos in Royal Oak  She is facing a similar dilemma. I want to take a moment to give her a round of applause for reaching out & taking action today! I truly hope this helps you if you are facing accessibility challenges.


should I move or should I do handicap accessibility renovations to my current home?”

So here is the big question, “should I move or should I do handicap accessibility renovations to my current home”? Even though I am NOT a baby boomer, I too faced this question. Some years ago, I was a caregiver for a few years and I understand the needs of accessibility.


Number one: getting in and out of the home with a wheelchair & or without steps is important. If you have steps, what will be the cost to put in a wheelchair ramp? Also, do I have the space to have a ramp installed?  Where will we install it? Front, side, backdoor? Will it be practical? If the answer is “no, I don’t have the space”,  or “it’s not practical nor do I have the funds” you may want to look at getting a place that is already handicap accessible with elevators and amenities that will make life so much easier. Trust me! I used to install a aluminum portable wheelchair ramp every time we left & returned home. I would often wish we would stay out longer because of having to install and uninstall is temporary wheelchair ramp. The thought of going home & leaving caused stress.

 space Handicap Accessible

 Do we have the Time, Space and Money for Handicap Access Renovations?

The next thing to consider is going to be “how much interior space does my home currently have?”  For example the bathroom- Is there space to add  handicap access? Will my loved one be able to get into their chair or be put into their chair or get to the restroom easily and without obstruction? Sometimes bathtubs have to be removed and showers with grab bars installed. This is not cheap!. Ask yourself, do I actually want to go through the construction process which creates a lot of dust and possible respiratory problems when I open up bathroom walls, etc? Sometimes moisture can be trapped in and under the walls and flooring. Ask me how I know :-). Ugh… So to put it short, there will be many changes needed to the home which will have many costs. If the space is there and you have the funds & time, this may be a good choice. Only you can truly be the judge!


 Handicap Accessible Home Renovation Contractors  in Oakland County, Macomb County & Wayne County

Newer apartments, homes and condos are normally built more handicap accessible, which can be great. It is instant & has no dusty down time. Another key factor that many people overlook is the contractor doing the work. You absolutely must have a contractor that does excellent work and is honest. Believe it or not, that is hard to find. Another key is, most carpenters that are honest and do excellent work are in high demand so it may take some time to get on schedule. Also, there’s normally a premium for better contractors. That’s right: they know they are good so they charge a bit more. But it is normally worth it. You normally get what you pay for.


I know a lot about contractors because I renovate and manage property. We would be happy to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us. I am going to let you in on some of my best contractors that work for me in the Oakland County area!


Okay, so here is my number one choice for rough carpenters. A rough carpenter specializes in the framing of residential &/or commercial property.


Ian Walter of Havana Construction (586)362-0098


Next, for complete carpentry craftsmanship, I often call on Shannon Tidwell (313) 350-5860


I have used both of these contractors. They have done excellent work for me. My family, as well as, many clients/friends of ours have also given rave reviews.


When I have a really large job, I call Eric Tidwell (313) 363-9673


(Yep, Eric is Shannon’s big brother) Eric is an elite builder! There is a premium on Eric. His work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I definitely got what I paid for!


I have given you some things to think about. Now… what do I need to do next you may wonder? Take the Benjamin Franklin “pro con list” approach. That’s right, make a Renovate  & make a Move pro & con list on a sheet of paper. Your best decision will become much clearer.


Renovation or Move List

Renovation or Move List

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Have you got your list together? Great! Reach out to us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you get a new home or renovate your current place. Remember, we are happy to help you accomplish your real estate goals!

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    What Are the Common Moving Mistakes


    Telling those that reside in Lathrup Village, Southfield, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, and other Metro Detroit areas the common mistakes that people make when they are trying to move.









    Want talk to an experienced agent about moving? Call the Calhoun Team Realty today (248) 905-1402 and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

    What are the common mistakes when it comes to moving? You or someone you may know may have made a mistake in the process of moving. Heck hundreds of people are doing it right now!

    You’re reading this because this is your first time moving or you just want to make sure you’re not making any mistakes next time you move. Either way let the Calhoun Team Realty identify the common mistakes that many of us have made when it comes to moving and how to avoid them altogether.

    Hiring a Fishy Mover

    When you’re hiring a mover that’s cheap and quick, just know what type of service you’re paying for. (They’re cheap for a reason) They may not be careful with your stuff and may damage it. Try going to a business review website in regards to the most recommended moving companies like the Better Business Bureau ( and read responses from other people so you can have a better idea on which moving company that will fit your needs.

    Questions you can ask yourself:

    Do they have any references?

    How did they react when I asked them to do an in-home estimate?

    How do they handle other people’s belongings?


    There are stories when people underestimate with the moving quotes. It is recommended to get the moving company to come to your house to give an in-home moving estimate. If they are giving you a hard time with that, then stop wasting your time with them and resume looking for another moving company. Honestly it’s best to contact different moving companies and get their quotes, so you can compare which is better with service and pricing. To conclude, when you get the estimate that’s in your favor, make sure you put it in writing.

    Taking Everything With You

    Do you exactly have to take everything with you? Do you really need those clothes you never wear? Or those items you think you will never use? It is vital to investigate and decide on things that you will need. Because moving can be daunting at times, you want to make sure you pack the things you will need.

    Booking and Timing

    If you’ve found a good moving company, then you must book them in weeks or even months in advance because you want everything planned out so the moving process can be less stressful for you and your family. Whether hiring a moving company or doing it yourself with a U-Haul, you must time it right. If you don’t time it right then moving will be your lease favorite thing to do in life. Think of moving as a big project in school. You don’t want to procrastinate and do it at the last minute. Sure you won’t get a grade on moving from point A to point B, but you don’t want a big task to turn into a period of torture. It is highly recommended to schedule the right time to move and follow through with it.

    Questions you can ask yourself:

    Do I need a mover? Or can I do with this with my friends/family?

    How long will the drive be to get to Point B from Point A?

    Which is the fastest or safest way to get there?

    What is the weather going to be like at that time period? This can be difficult if you live in Michigan!

    Packing and Unpacking

    In harmony with what was said earlier on “Taking Everything With You”, packing and unpacking can be non-fun and time consuming, but either way, one has to do it. If you pack things that you don’t need months in advance, then moving can be much easier and quicker.  For example, if it is spring and you’re moving in the summer, why not start packing up your winter clothing or similar items first? Doing so will make the packing and moving process much faster and smoother.

    Mentioning things “after” the estimate

    Yes, mentioning hidden items to the movers after your estimate is a bad move, like adding items in a hidden room or in your man cave. If you didn’t mention those things when you first estimated your price, then you’re giving the moving company an opportunity to charge you a lot more than if you had added them when you first estimated a price. Also getting an estimate to a house with no stairs when really your new home has two flights of stairs. Again you’re giving the moving company an opportunity to overcharge you, so be honest when you estimate your price to the moving company, so you won’t attempt to take advantage of them and may risk a nasty experience afterwards.

    Not Having Any Insurance:

    The decision is based on each person and their situation. If you don’t have a lot of expensive things or non-fragile items, then maybe, but if you have an $800 Flat Screen TV or $600 Marble Coffee Table, we recommend you get some coverage on it. Remember that movers are human and they tend to make mistakes, so that being said, why take the chance of buying another flat screen TV when you can pay for $60-$80 for coverage on moving it? The bottom lines is this- look at your items and ask yourself will it be worth it to buy it full price again?

    Not notifying the Moving Company on the payment or when to pay them

    This one is pretty simple to do, but so many people have a problem with this. Everyone likes to be rewarded after their hard work, so be professional and stay on top on how and when on the moving company payment, so it won’t be confusing in the future.

    The Internet

    Using an estimate from online isn’t the best idea. Because you can’t trust the internet and the internet has a ton of con artists, so why take the risk? If you can’t see them and they don’t have any creditable references like, then don’t waste your money or your time.

    A Dolly

    It doesn’t matter if you’re moving yourself or rearranging things in your new home.

    Get a dolly.

    You don’t want to a risk of hurting yourself, so save your health and time by getting a dolly.

    Not Documenting Anything

    When it comes to business you want to document as much as possible. If you get a “special deal” then have it documented that you and the moving company are aware of the arrangement. When you have things documented, this will not only eliminate any misunderstanding when it comes to estimating the price, but also the location of your destination.


    Have more questions about moving? Give the Calhoun Team Realty a call (248) 905-1402 and we will be happy to assist you with any of your moving needs.

    How Do I Negotiate as a Buyer?

    Helpers buyers How Do I Negotiate with sellers in Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Southfield, Birmingham, and other Metro Detroit areas









    If you’d like assistance on negotiating from experienced real estate agents, call the Calhoun Team Realty (248) 905-1402 today! Since our agents are capable and reliable to our clients, we want you to feel the same way when you work with us!


    Understand the Seller

    When you negotiate a price on a home, you must know your seller and why he gave you a certain offer. Think the seller as a wrestling opponent in a ring. You must know his weaknesses in order to have the match in your favor. Similarly, you want to know the seller’s weakness, so you can get the price you prefer. How can you do that by negotiation? Think about this, the seller could have a lot going on in his mind. Maybe the housing market in his neighborhood is low. Perhaps the seller has found a job in a different city or has a new home there and wants to sell this home quickly. The seller might be fleeing from bankruptcy. You can obtain information in the local real estate market or the seller can easily give away some information without even noticing it.

    Detective Work

    The information that you’re looking for is out there. You have to go out there and get it! Here are some ways you can obtain information:

    Compare the prices with similar houses or houses in the neighborhood.

    You can talk to an experienced real estate agent (Call the Calhoun Team Realty today (248) 905-1402) about how long it’s been on the listings.

    Look at a few real estate blogs (Help Center) and look at it daily.

    Try understanding the seller’s tactics by contacting them or contact a trusted agent (call us today at (248) 905-1402).

    If you really want to get a good idea why the seller is moving, try asking the neighbors. Not only will you increase your chances on knowing why the seller is moving, but you also get a taste of the neighborhood as well. Remember if you’re going to move there you might as well get to know your neighbors. You never know, you might want to sell your home too because of the same reason!

    Be Realistic

    Don’t aim so low on your offer (Unless it’s a foreclosure or it’s been on the listings for a long time) because the seller will not take you seriously and may take it as an insult. Just think about it, people love their homes, but at least they can sell it for a reasonable amount and you aiming at a very low price will be pointless to them.

    Telling on Yourself

    Remember the wrestling illustration? Just like your trying to understand your opponent’s weakness- well, he’s doing the same thing to you.

    Interest Level

    Don’t show a lot of interest into the seller’s property. Doing this will let the seller know that he doesn’t have the upper hand. If you do show a lot of interest into the property, you will let the seller know he can raise the value of the property because he knows you are going to buy it.

    Having Options

    This goes hand to hand with your interest level. When you negotiate on a certain property, make it clear that you have other properties you like as well. Don’t ever negotiate without having any other options. Because you may become desperate and overpay or waste your time negotiating that leads to nowhere.

    By the way you will have the upper hand if you use an experienced agent (248-905-1402) to clarify to the seller that you have different options in mind.

    Short Expiration Date

    If you’re a serious buyer, then give sellers an estimate time to have an agreement with you and stick with it. This will give the seller pressure that he doesn’t want to miss out on a good offer and will reduce the chances of having competition.

    Face Time (The Old Fashioned Way)

    Sure you can negotiate on the phone or online (not a good idea) but it’s nothing like actually meeting the person face to face. Here you can see the person’s body language or facial expressions while negotiating. You can see if he is sticking to his offer or slowly moving towards yours.

    Now if you decide you want your agent to negotiate for you, then the seller’s agent can make a request and the agents can negotiate from there. However, if your agent isn’t willing to assist you, then stop wasting your time with them and start working with real agents that are experienced with negotiation. (Call the Calhoun Team Realty today for experienced agents (248) 905-1402).

    Stand Your Ground

    After all the detective work you have done, you should have a reasonable offer for the property.
    With that being said, prepare to defend your offer. There are times when buyers let the sellers corner them. To avoid this try not showing any interest level or have other options or hire an experienced Real Estate Agent. Beware though, because are some real estate agents that may want you to agree with the seller’s counteroffer so the negotiation phase can end quickly. Be ready and firm with your offer.

    Do you want real estate agents that are diligent workers and patient to their clients? Call the Calhoun Team Realty today (248) 905-1402

    Know When to Settle

    You may not exactly get the price you prefer, but if the price is close to your end or highly reduced, then it’s up to you to take it or not get it at all and keep looking. If you have other properties to consider, then this shouldn’t be a big deal, but you don’t want the negotiation to get emotional or egos getting involved.


    Want more tips or want assistance on negotiations? Call the Calhoun Team Realty (248) 905-1402) today, so we can assist right away.

    Why Invest In Short Sales

    Helping investors in Southfield, Birmingham, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, and other cities in Michigan to invest in Short Sales and explain to them not only the qualifications, but also the benefit on doing so, Monoply Man standing graphic









    Do you want to talk to an experienced agent about why you should invest in Short Sales? Give the Calhoun Team Realty a call (248) 905-1402 and we can assist you today!

    As it was mentioned in the prior article “What is a Short Sale?”, a Short Sale takes time, but if you are willing to wait, then investing in short sales is a great idea.

    When investing in short sales, you are often listing a low price of the property. You can make a 10-30% on short sales and a fair chance on making a profit.  It really determines on the actual property itself. Good research is needed when investing in short sell as well. Key points to consider in your research in a good investment:

    • The property condition
    • The property location
    • The neighborhood

    Halt! Did You Know?

    When buying a short sale, the price is based off what the property is worth now. Not what is was worth when the previous owner had taken out a loan.


    The Pros & Cons in Short Sales

    If you are still interested in doing short sales, here’s the pros and cons you need to consider first:


    • Avoid Foreclosure – Nobody likes foreclosures; not only does it gives a great impact towards your credit but also the process can take six months to a year to complete.
    • You’re in Charge Sure when you’re going against a foreclosure you are somewhat in control, but doing a short sale will give you the power to negotiate with the lender and find a good buyer. This will help your credit avoid getting hurt from a foreclosure.
    • Less is Better It’s better to have less damage towards your credit because you and your family can quickly recover and will be able to buy another property rather than settling for a foreclosure.
    • The Lender’s Forgiveness – The lender might forgive you for the difference between the final price and the remainder of debt you still owe.
    • Free from Mortgage –You will be free from paying a large amount of monthly payments for your mortgage.
    • New Mortgage –It will take a lot for you to be able to qualify for another mortgage rather than settling for a foreclosure.
    • Best Route to Take –If you can’t pay your mortgage or you and the lender aren’t agreeing to decrease the amount of your monthly payments, then a short sale would be your best option (Note you will lose your property and investment).



    • Credit Loss – You will still lose credit, but not as much if you settle for a foreclosure. Even though lenders will see a short sale somewhat like a foreclosure, the chances on obtaining another loan will be small during the waiting process.
    • Tax Consequences – A form will be sent to the IRS if the lender forgives the remainder of your debt from the short sale. The IRS will use the forgiven debt that you will have to pay through taxes.
    • The Lender Will Be Watching You – The lender will make sure won’t have any appeal on any of your assets to return the remainder of your debt.
    • A Legitimate Reason – In order to have a short sale you must be going through one of the following hardships:



    Illness of borrower or co-borrower

    Loss of income


    Death of a co-borrower that qualified the loan

    Neglect the local market property value

    Military Duty

    Payment Increase on Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    Medical Bills

    Medical condition of spouse or co-borrower

    Family Emergency

    Damage to Property (natural or unnatural)

    (Note the lender will decide you if you gambled your money or you have poor management with your money)


    • The Lender Will Demand Loss Payment Always keep this in mind, the lender’s forgiveness is optional, and might want you to pay. There are two ways to handle this. You can negotiate an arrangement out the short sale or they decide to maintain the repayment and you could settle for a foreclosure. It is highly recommended to have an expert with a team that can help you in this type of situation. Give the Calhoun Team Realty (248) 905-1402 a call and we will be gladly to assist you in this situation.


    • Don’t Let the Title Fool You – A Short Sale isn’t really short at all, it’s a long process and really it determines how quickly you get the right papers in order, the way it’s given and how fast the lender will reply. This is common for some people, in a sense, creating a backlog throughout the process.


    • Lenders Will Take Their Time – Remember when I said short sales are optional for lenders? Well, they may accept, but they will take their time doing so. Unfortunately lenders are well-known for this.


    • Multi Mortgage If your property has a 2nd mortgages or any other liens, you have to discuss to each lender for an agreement, which will take a lot of time.


    • A Promissory Note In order for the short sale to go through the lender might make you sign a Promissory Note which is a document that contains a written promise to return the amount of the debt forgiveness to a specific agent or carrier at a specific date.


    • A Good Buyer is a Must Have – The lender would agree the short sale, as long as the transaction is determined by a good offer from a good buyer.


    • The Attack! After the short sale is complete the lender might come after you for a repayment for the forgiveness debt.


    Still have questions about Short Sales? Call the Calhoun Team Realty (248) 905-1402 and we will answer any questions about Short Sales, Foreclosures, or anything that has to do with helping you Selling, Buying, and Managing your property.


    Helping Tenants in Birmingham, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Southfield and other cites in Michigan to stay on their landlord's good side slideA shiny house representing on how we are helping people with their Curb Appeal in Beverly Hills, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Birmingham and other metro Detroit areas Slide.Helping Tenants find a good landlord in Southfield, Beverly Hills, Lathrup Village, Birmingham and other metro Detroit areas SlideHelping homeowners understand the Definition of a Deficiency Judgement in Southfield, Lathrup Village, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, and other metro Detroit areas.Helping those on how to rent out their homes in Lathrup Villiage, Southfield, Beverly Hills, Birmingham and other cites in Michigan Slide.Happy Families walking away from foreclosures to short sales in Lathrup Village, Southfield, Beverly Hills, Birmingham and other cites in Michigan

    What is HAFA

    Teacher others the definition of HAFA that are residents of Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Southfield and other cities in Michigan









    Home of Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) is involved with the federal government’s making Home Affordable Programs. With HAFA, Bank of America can decide an accurate list price and will pursue for improvements before you even list the property or to get an offer. If you want to move to a more affordable home because you can’t afford your current mortgage payment, then HAFA is just for you. HAFA gives you a couple of options when it comes to transitioning away from your mortgage: a short sale (or others may prefer as a Deed-in-Lieu (DIL) of foreclosure) is when a person sells their home for less than they owe on their home mortgage to avoid home foreclosure. As for DIL, the mortgage company gives you an opportunity to return the title, transferring the ownership back to the mortgage company.

    You MUST have one of the following to Qualify

    • Fannie Mae or Freddie MAC isn’t going to generate your loans
    • Your mortgage was taken out before January 1, 2009
    • You missed payments of your current mortgage or you’re not sure that you will fulfill payments of your current loan in the future
    • If the amount of your first mortgage is either the same or less than:

    $729,750 for a single home, $934,200 for a 2-unit property, $1,129,250 for a 3-unit property or $1,402,400 for a 4-unit property

    • That you are encountering a hardship such as loss of income, medical bills, or a divorce
    • The property has not been convicted
    • The corporation, partnership, or other business entities does NOT own your mortgage
    • You have one of the following hardships:

    Your property loan to value is higher than 100% (That your loan cost more than the property value),  you have NOT bought any property for the last 12 months, your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score is below 620 for the last 10 years, and you have NOT been condemned for felony larceny, theft, fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion that’s connected to a mortgage or any transaction in real estate.

                                                                                                                  HALT! Did You Know?

    Based off the basic requirements, Bank of America will also need an approval from the owner of your loan or the company that’s managing your mortgage. Each owner has different requirements. The guidelines may also differ if you have mortgage insurance on the current loan.

    The HAFA Benefits of a Favorable Transition

    • HUD (recommended housing counselors and Real Estate professionals like the Calhoun Team Realty 248-905-1402) can give you free advice.
    • HAFA isn’t your common short sale choice. How is that? After you sold your short sale, the mortgage debt from the property will be released. You will NOT be held accountable for any of amount that was left or that you owe. The deficiency is guaranteed to be thrown away.
    • During the HAFA short sale, your mortgage company will assist you for an acceptable price.
    • After you close, you may gain $3,000 in relocation assistance from HAFA.


    Relocation Assistance

    The borrower (primary resident) has to depart in the period of closing. It does not matter if the borrower is getting the HAFA relocation assistance, he/she has to execute a Dodd-Frank Certification if they want to participate in the HAFA program. If a non-borrower rents the property, the whole $3,000 relocation assistance from HAFA must be paid to the non-borrower (if all the requirements of payment have been met) on the HUD-1. It cannot pay for any expenses of the non-borrower. Any portion cannot be maintained by the borrowers. Whoever fits the requirements, the borrower can assign the bonus to other tenants.


    Still Have quesions? Please don’t hesitate to call the Calhoun Team Realty (248) 905-1402 today!


    Helping those on how to rent out their homes in Lathrup Villiage, Southfield, Beverly Hills, Birmingham and other cites in Michigan Slide.Happy Families walking away from foreclosures to short sales in Lathrup Village, Southfield, Beverly Hills, Birmingham and other cites in MichiganA shiny house representing on how we are helping people with their Curb Appeal in Beverly Hills, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Birmingham and other metro Detroit areas Slide.Helping Tenants find a good landlord in Southfield, Beverly Hills, Lathrup Village, Birmingham and other metro Detroit areas SlideHelping homeowners understand the Definition of a Deficiency Judgement in Southfield, Lathrup Village, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, and other metro Detroit areas.Helping Tenants in Birmingham, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Southfield and other cites in Michigan to stay on their landlord's good side slide