How to Find A Good Self-Storage Facility

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You’re planning on getting a self-storage unit, but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea or not.

Let the Calhoun Team Realty give some tips about self-storage units!

Different Storage Facilities

Keep in mind that storage unit facilities are not always the same, even if they are in the same company. You have to realize that each facility has different temperatures, security systems, service, truck availabilities, and tools for packing. With this mind, you should have a better idea on what type of storage unit you would like.

Make sure you know exactly how you can access your storage unit. Some to most storage unit facilities permit you to access your storage unit 24 hours a day, but some may charge you or limit access your storage unit by their business hours.


If someone breaks in your storage unit, either because your storage unit number is the burglar’s favorite number or it’s an inside job. (Most likely an inside job) Either way you don’t want anyone breaking in your storage unit let alone steal anything.

You may ask yourself “how can I avoid my storage unit from getting broken into?”  Try asking the storage facility manager if they allow clients use padlocks or modern cylinder locks that will be difficult for anyone to use bolt cutters.

You can also check to see if the facility has alarms on every storage door on each floor. Most storage unit facilities have security cameras that record 24/7.

Remember if the facility manager is uneasy in regards with these types of questions then they’re not a real secure facility and you may want to look elsewhere.


Be careful with their “special” discount offers. If you don’t pay attention you may be paying more than you think. Before you make a decision, talk to the manager how commonly do they raise and lower their rates, also how long will they guarantee on not changing your rent. If they sound reasonable to you then, put it writing and if they refuse or give you a hard time on doing so, then it’s time for you to resume looking for a different storage unit facility.

Your Space

No one likes to pay for something that is more than is required for them. If you are aware that storage units can come in different sizes then you want try your best to estimate how much you really need. To help you out try these tips, so it can help you save you space.

  • See if you can take apart any tables, bed, and other large objects.
  • Make sure you make a walkway in your storage unit.
  • Put all the items you will frequently use up front, so it is easier for you to access them.
  • Cover all your beds and couches.
  • Use your drawers as a table, so you can stack your big items on top and small items can go inside the drawers.
  • Label everything, even the obvious. Right now you may know where everything is, but in the future you may not remember where everything is, so label! (Also, make a list on certain item locations and your plans with them).

The Trucks

Some storage unit facilities offer a rental truck for their clients. If you do get a rental truck, ask them if they can give you a discount. It wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Insure them

Many of us have this problem when it comes to insurance. We tend to believe that worse-case scenarios never happen. In case things do happen, if you insure your items that are in your storage unit, not only will it help you sleep better at night, but you will be covered if anything goes wrong. If the storage unit facility offers insurance then take advantage of it. There’s nothing worse than losing your possessions because of a tragedy.


Using only newspapers to wrap your things isn’t the best idea. Fragile items can easily break within the paper itself. Try some bubble wrap and cover that with some paper.


This is probably the most common issue that people make with their storage unit. Overtime, food will decay when it is not correctly refrigerated. Sure you can put food that doesn’t quickly decay in sealed containers, but we truly recommend not leaving any type of food in your storage unit.

Not Enough Time

Having a self-storage unit is a good idea. It’s OK to do it by yourself, (if your patience allows you) but be aware that the task of moving by yourself can be daunting. If you plan it right and have a few helpful hands, the experience would be better.


Thanks for reading, if you still have some questions, give us call at (248) 905-1402!


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