What Are the Common Moving Mistakes


Telling those that reside in Lathrup Village, Southfield, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, and other Metro Detroit areas the common mistakes that people make when they are trying to move.









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What are the common mistakes when it comes to moving? You or someone you may know may have made a mistake in the process of moving. Heck hundreds of people are doing it right now!

You’re reading this because this is your first time moving or you just want to make sure you’re not making any mistakes next time you move. Either way let the Calhoun Team Realty identify the common mistakes that many of us have made when it comes to moving and how to avoid them altogether.

Hiring a Fishy Mover

When you’re hiring a mover that’s cheap and quick, just know what type of service you’re paying for. (They’re cheap for a reason) They may not be careful with your stuff and may damage it. Try going to a business review website in regards to the most recommended moving companies like the Better Business Bureau (www.BBB.org) and read responses from other people so you can have a better idea on which moving company that will fit your needs.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Do they have any references?

How did they react when I asked them to do an in-home estimate?

How do they handle other people’s belongings?


There are stories when people underestimate with the moving quotes. It is recommended to get the moving company to come to your house to give an in-home moving estimate. If they are giving you a hard time with that, then stop wasting your time with them and resume looking for another moving company. Honestly it’s best to contact different moving companies and get their quotes, so you can compare which is better with service and pricing. To conclude, when you get the estimate that’s in your favor, make sure you put it in writing.

Taking Everything With You

Do you exactly have to take everything with you? Do you really need those clothes you never wear? Or those items you think you will never use? It is vital to investigate and decide on things that you will need. Because moving can be daunting at times, you want to make sure you pack the things you will need.

Booking and Timing

If you’ve found a good moving company, then you must book them in weeks or even months in advance because you want everything planned out so the moving process can be less stressful for you and your family. Whether hiring a moving company or doing it yourself with a U-Haul, you must time it right. If you don’t time it right then moving will be your lease favorite thing to do in life. Think of moving as a big project in school. You don’t want to procrastinate and do it at the last minute. Sure you won’t get a grade on moving from point A to point B, but you don’t want a big task to turn into a period of torture. It is highly recommended to schedule the right time to move and follow through with it.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Do I need a mover? Or can I do with this with my friends/family?

How long will the drive be to get to Point B from Point A?

Which is the fastest or safest way to get there?

What is the weather going to be like at that time period? This can be difficult if you live in Michigan!

Packing and Unpacking

In harmony with what was said earlier on “Taking Everything With You”, packing and unpacking can be non-fun and time consuming, but either way, one has to do it. If you pack things that you don’t need months in advance, then moving can be much easier and quicker.  For example, if it is spring and you’re moving in the summer, why not start packing up your winter clothing or similar items first? Doing so will make the packing and moving process much faster and smoother.

Mentioning things “after” the estimate

Yes, mentioning hidden items to the movers after your estimate is a bad move, like adding items in a hidden room or in your man cave. If you didn’t mention those things when you first estimated your price, then you’re giving the moving company an opportunity to charge you a lot more than if you had added them when you first estimated a price. Also getting an estimate to a house with no stairs when really your new home has two flights of stairs. Again you’re giving the moving company an opportunity to overcharge you, so be honest when you estimate your price to the moving company, so you won’t attempt to take advantage of them and may risk a nasty experience afterwards.

Not Having Any Insurance:

The decision is based on each person and their situation. If you don’t have a lot of expensive things or non-fragile items, then maybe, but if you have an $800 Flat Screen TV or $600 Marble Coffee Table, we recommend you get some coverage on it. Remember that movers are human and they tend to make mistakes, so that being said, why take the chance of buying another flat screen TV when you can pay for $60-$80 for coverage on moving it? The bottom lines is this- look at your items and ask yourself will it be worth it to buy it full price again?

Not notifying the Moving Company on the payment or when to pay them

This one is pretty simple to do, but so many people have a problem with this. Everyone likes to be rewarded after their hard work, so be professional and stay on top on how and when on the moving company payment, so it won’t be confusing in the future.

The Internet

Using an estimate from online isn’t the best idea. Because you can’t trust the internet and the internet has a ton of con artists, so why take the risk? If you can’t see them and they don’t have any creditable references like BBB.com, then don’t waste your money or your time.

A Dolly

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving yourself or rearranging things in your new home.

Get a dolly.

You don’t want to a risk of hurting yourself, so save your health and time by getting a dolly.

Not Documenting Anything

When it comes to business you want to document as much as possible. If you get a “special deal” then have it documented that you and the moving company are aware of the arrangement. When you have things documented, this will not only eliminate any misunderstanding when it comes to estimating the price, but also the location of your destination.


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